Hotel Management


Hotels are amongst the most visible and important aspect of a country s infrastructure. Hotel Industry is a closely linked one of the Tourism Industry. With increasing globalization, career opportunities in this field are not only limited within the country but there are chains of hotel which operate internationally providing scope of a career in abroad. It is a glamorous profession which has a bright future. A cardinal part of Hospitality Industry, Hotel Management has wide employment opportunities. Moreover, with globalisation gaining acceptance with more and more countries, the Hotel Management Industry is truly becoming global. As Hotel Chain Owners are opening new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for trained hotel management professionals is huge. Although considered one of the most glamorous careers, hotel management requires professionals who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations. Hotel management can include Hotel & Restaurant management, Cruise Ship Hotel management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses amongst others. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years.

Career Options


Entrance Exam & Eligibility

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Pattern For Written Exam

Total number of Question 200 and Duration 180 minutes.

Subject No Of Question
Numerical Ability 30
Logical Reasoning 30
G.S. & Current Affairs 30
English 60
Aptitude for Service Sector 50

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